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Resin Floor Systems

At BFS we specialise in a wide range of resin flooring systems and fully conversant with many of Main Manufacturers such as Flowcrete, Altro and Mapei.

Resin floors can be used in a wide range of floor types such as Car Parks, industrial warehouse floors, air craft hangers, hospital floors, shops and residential areas.

BFS specialise in Car Park Decking Systems, MMA fast track resin floors and many more commercial and industrial resin floors.

Different levels of slip and abrasion resistant floors can be made to suite each individual climate.

FeRFA Resin Flooring Guide

Type Name Description Duty Typical Thickness
1 Floor Sealer Applied in two or more coats.
Generally solvent or water borne.
LD up to 150 µm
2 Floor Coatings Applied in two or more coats.
Generally solvent free.
LD/MD 150 µm to 300 µm
3 High Build Floor Coating Applied in two or more coats.
Generally solvent free.
MD 300 µm to 1000 µm
4 Multi Layered Flooring Aggregate dressed systems based on multiple layers of floor coatings or flow-applied floorings, often described as ‘sandwich’ systems. MD/HD > 2 mm
5 Flow Applied Flooring Often referred to as ‘self-smoothing’ or ‘self-levelling’ flooring and having a smooth surface. MD/HD 2 mm to 3 mmm
6 Resin Screed Flooring Trowel-finished, heavily filled (quartz) systems, generally incorporating a surface seal coat to minimize porosity. MD/HD > 4 mmm
7 Heavy Duty Flowable Flooring Having a smooth surface. HD/VHD 4 mm to 6 mm
8 Heavy Duty Resin Flooring Trowel-finished, aggregate filled systems effectively impervious throughout their thickness. VHD > 6 mm
Duty Description
LD (Light duty) light foot traffic, occasional rubber tyred vehicles
MD (Medium duty) regular foot traffic, frequent fork lift truck traffic, occasional hard plastic-wheeled trolleys
HD (Heavy duty) constant fork lift truck traffic, hard plastic wheeled trolleys, some impact
VHD (Very heavy duty) severe heavily loaded traffic and impact